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Posted on Saturday, December 21, 2019

Onam Celebration

Onam festival was celebrated in our school

Posted on Monday, December 16, 2019

Delicious Cuisines

DELICIOUS CUISINES (INHOUSE ACTIVITY) The students of grade 5 to 8 were involved in the activity of Delicious Cuisines. The aim of this project is to identify and learn about the different types of food and food habits of India, China, Italy and Thailand. The students were divided into groups based on the chosen countries and collected the information about the varieties of food and food habits and the same was presented in the form of a scrap book. They compared and classified the similarities and the differences in the food varieties and also analysed the relation between the food habits and the geographical region of the chosen countries. Students did mapping on the world map based on the cuisines and they also made a display board on their chosen countries PPT presentation on various cuisines of the chosen countries were presented by the students and the same was shared with other groups. Food Festival was conducted by the students to display the various food items of the above mentioned four countries which was a grand success and was highly appreciated the Chief guest and visitors. Learning Outcome:  Students will be able to identify the varieties of food and food habits of India and the chosen countries.  Their understanding and analysing skills will also be improved.

Posted on Saturday, December 29, 2018

Pioneering Inventions

PIONEERING INVENTIONS The students of grade 5 to 9 were involved in the activities of Pioneering Inventions. The aim of this project is to allow students to learn about the inventions of famous scientists of the last century in India, Germany, Pakistan, USA, Japan, Italy and Vietnam. Students were divided into groups and each group did research on the scientist and their inventions and presented it in the form of scrap books. Grade 8 and 9 presented it through PowerPoint presentations. Grade 5 and 6 made fact cards on Inventions and Quiz was conducted for the students to their knowledge on the same. Students of grade 9 exhibited the famous inventions of last century in a science exhibition. They also analysed and compared the scientific contributions in India and the chosen countries in graphical representation and prepared a display board for each country. Learning outcome: • Students came to know about various Inventors and their Inventions of India and the chosen countries. • They are able to identify the areas of opportunities to promote their creativity and innovation. • They understand skills and also improved by analysing the contribution of the scientists.

Posted on Saturday, December 29, 2018

Bon Voyage

BON VOYAGE Our kids of PreKG to standard 4th involved in the inhouse activity under the title “Bon Voyage”(Happy journey). The main aim of this activity is to create awareness and to make them learn in depth about the different means of transport, traffic rules and traffic signals of countries like India, Srilanka, Australia and USA. Children gained knowledge on knowing different types of vehicles, mode of transport, traffic rules and signals and also developed their skill drawing, colouring, model making, PPT presentation and so on. Which in turn helped them to develop their creativity and communication skills. Outcome:  Through these activities students creativity communication and problem solving skills increased. These activities helps to relieve their stress and bring out their hidden emotions.

Posted on Saturday, December 29, 2018

Chinmaya Newsletter ISA

BRITISH COUNCIL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARD(ISA) With the blessings of the Almighty and our Gurudev,ChinmayaVidyalaya Matric.Hr.Sec.School, Vadavalli has initiated the process of enhancing the learning experience of the students by incorporating internationalism. To serve this purpose, we have registered ourselves with the British Council. The British Council offers the International School Award(ISA) as an accreditation framework for schools to record and evaluate their international work and embed it into the curriculum. As part of the ISA action plan, the school has planned to execute seven different projects for students of different grades from KG to grade 12. We undertake the below projects: 1. Bon Voyage 2. The Elixir of Life 3. Pioneering Inventions 4. Delicious Cuisines 5. An ageless journey – Heritage 6. My Country My Symbols 7. Awestruck Advertisements The Students are being involved in all the activities with much enthusiasm. They enjoy learning about the culture and heritage of our country and other countries as well.

Posted on Saturday, December 29, 2018

Awerstruck Advertisement

AWESTRUCK ADVERTISEMENT The students of grade 11 and 12 were given the topic of “Awestruck Advertisements”. The main aim of this activity is to collect the information regarding the effect of advertisement on the sales of products in India, Japan, Srilanka and China. Students were asked to prepare PPT presentation about a common product of the above mentioned four countries to make a comparative study on its advertising methodologies. Graphical representations highlighting the impact of sales in India and the chosen country were made. Students were asked to create an advertisement using ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Creative and thinking skills were developed by conducting slogan writing competitions. Students were also trained to prepare a questionnaire to evaluate the impact of advertisement and represent the same in the form of pie chart. OUTCOME  Subject knowledge will be gained in all fields’ through practical approach.  They can develop innovative ideas by exploring the technology. Students were able to gain knowledge through ICT which helped them to create advertisement with the help of their creativity and imagination.  They were able to analyse and compare the effects of different media of advertisements.

Posted on Saturday, December 29, 2018

Heritage - An Ageless Journey

An ageless Journey Heritage - collaborative Activity First of all we highly appreciate this great learning forum created by the British council . The Students from Grade 6 to 10 were involved in this activity. The aim of this activity is to learn the famous festivals of India, Burma, Pakistan, France and Greece. The students in groups collected information on different festivals and its significance and presented in the form of scrap book. This helped the students to develop their knowledge on festivals celebrated in the above mentioned countries. The students presented the information collected in a PowerPoint presentation and displayed the collected information on a display board which was shared to other groups. A live demonstration of famous festival (Diwali) of India and a stage show depicting the famous festivals of the chosen country were performed. Drawing and painting competition and quiz programs were also conducted to evaluate the students pictures of festival celebration were shared with the partner school through email. Learning Outcome: This activity has added a global dimension to the children’s thinking and it has brought us together to contribute as a team with a common vision.

Posted on Saturday, December 29, 2018

My Country My Symbols

My country My symbols – Collaborative Activity 3 The aim of the this activity is to learn about the national symbols of different countries like India ,Pakistan ,Sri Lanka and China. The Students of grade 7and 8 were involved in this activity .They collected pictures and information about the National symbols of India and the chosen countries. Students were divided into groups and compared the pattern and significance of the National symbols and presented in the form of scrap book .They also shared the information with the rest of the school through display board .The collected information were presented through power-point and shared with other groups. A jig-saw puzzle on National symbols was created by students of grade 8 and solved by grade 7 students. Students came in traditional dress of the chosen countries holding the National symbols and explained its significance to the audience .A quiz program was conducted to test the knowledge of the students. They also wrote poems and articles appreciating the beauty patterns and colours of the National symbols. The pictures of the quiz were shared with the partner school through E-mail. Learning outcomes :- Through this activity the students presentation skills were enhanced and they were able to compare and identify the National symbols of India with the chosen countries

Posted on Saturday, December 29, 2018

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