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Delicious Cuisines

DELICIOUS CUISINES (INHOUSE ACTIVITY) The students of grade 5 to 8 were involved in the activity of Delicious Cuisines. The aim of this project is to identify and learn about the different types of food and food habits of India, China, Italy and Thailand. The students were divided into groups based on the chosen countries and collected the information about the varieties of food and food habits and the same was presented in the form of a scrap book. They compared and classified the similarities and the differences in the food varieties and also analysed the relation between the food habits and the geographical region of the chosen countries. Students did mapping on the world map based on the cuisines and they also made a display board on their chosen countries PPT presentation on various cuisines of the chosen countries were presented by the students and the same was shared with other groups. Food Festival was conducted by the students to display the various food items of the above mentioned four countries which was a grand success and was highly appreciated the Chief guest and visitors. Learning Outcome:  Students will be able to identify the varieties of food and food habits of India and the chosen countries.  Their understanding and analysing skills will also be improved.

Posted on Saturday, December 29, 2018