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Pioneering Inventions

PIONEERING INVENTIONS The students of grade 5 to 9 were involved in the activities of Pioneering Inventions. The aim of this project is to allow students to learn about the inventions of famous scientists of the last century in India, Germany, Pakistan, USA, Japan, Italy and Vietnam. Students were divided into groups and each group did research on the scientist and their inventions and presented it in the form of scrap books. Grade 8 and 9 presented it through PowerPoint presentations. Grade 5 and 6 made fact cards on Inventions and Quiz was conducted for the students to their knowledge on the same. Students of grade 9 exhibited the famous inventions of last century in a science exhibition. They also analysed and compared the scientific contributions in India and the chosen countries in graphical representation and prepared a display board for each country. Learning outcome: • Students came to know about various Inventors and their Inventions of India and the chosen countries. • They are able to identify the areas of opportunities to promote their creativity and innovation. • They understand skills and also improved by analysing the contribution of the scientists.

Posted on Saturday, December 29, 2018