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Heritage - An Ageless Journey

An ageless Journey Heritage - collaborative Activity First of all we highly appreciate this great learning forum created by the British council . The Students from Grade 6 to 10 were involved in this activity. The aim of this activity is to learn the famous festivals of India, Burma, Pakistan, France and Greece. The students in groups collected information on different festivals and its significance and presented in the form of scrap book. This helped the students to develop their knowledge on festivals celebrated in the above mentioned countries. The students presented the information collected in a PowerPoint presentation and displayed the collected information on a display board which was shared to other groups. A live demonstration of famous festival (Diwali) of India and a stage show depicting the famous festivals of the chosen country were performed. Drawing and painting competition and quiz programs were also conducted to evaluate the students pictures of festival celebration were shared with the partner school through email. Learning Outcome: This activity has added a global dimension to the children’s thinking and it has brought us together to contribute as a team with a common vision.

Posted on Saturday, December 29, 2018