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My Country My Symbols

My country My symbols – Collaborative Activity 3 The aim of the this activity is to learn about the national symbols of different countries like India ,Pakistan ,Sri Lanka and China. The Students of grade 7and 8 were involved in this activity .They collected pictures and information about the National symbols of India and the chosen countries. Students were divided into groups and compared the pattern and significance of the National symbols and presented in the form of scrap book .They also shared the information with the rest of the school through display board .The collected information were presented through power-point and shared with other groups. A jig-saw puzzle on National symbols was created by students of grade 8 and solved by grade 7 students. Students came in traditional dress of the chosen countries holding the National symbols and explained its significance to the audience .A quiz program was conducted to test the knowledge of the students. They also wrote poems and articles appreciating the beauty patterns and colours of the National symbols. The pictures of the quiz were shared with the partner school through E-mail. Learning outcomes :- Through this activity the students presentation skills were enhanced and they were able to compare and identify the National symbols of India with the chosen countries

Posted on Saturday, December 29, 2018